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    ULisboa in the top of the Erasmus mobility

    In the academic year 2012/2013, the University of Lisbon (ULisboa), which ISEG belongs, was the sixth most sought by the European students. The actual ULisboa is composed by the previous Technical University of ...

    Posted on Jul, 28 2014


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    Re-Accreditation of University of Maribor

    On December 4th, 2012, University of Maribor applied for institutional re-accreditation to the National Agency of the RS for Quality in Higher Education (Slov. abbr. NAKVIS) as ground for the performance of its activity and therefore it ...

    Posted on Jul, 14 2014


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    Recognition of Education

    University of Maribor offers a lot of study programs. Candidates, holders of foreign qualifications, who wish to study at the University of Maribor must obtain the decision on recognition of previously gained education. Candidates must complete the N-form.pdf​ and enclose documents, ...

    Posted on Jul, 14 2014


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    The Faculty of Energy Technology Day

    On June 24th 2014, the Faculty of Energy Technology of University of Maribor, marked the seventh anniversary of its founding. The event was held in the City Museum Maribor. At the event the mentions for the best ...

    Posted on Jul, 14 2014


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    Student Raft Competition

    On Friday June 27th 2014 the Student Council of University of Maribor organized the traditional "student raft competition" which was attended by a large number of teams. The event was held as part of the Festival Lent ...

    Posted on Jul, 09 2014


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    The Scope Change Management Techniques

    There are a lot of interesting scope change management techniques that can be easily applied to your project. Here are three that will keep you out of trouble. Make Sure Only the ...

    Posted on Jul, 09 2014


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