Why to become an official reporter of your campus

Live From Campus trusts students, especially when it comes to university life. This is why we are providing the necessary tools for students to take a real leadership stance within their campus, ultimately augmenting the university experience of many. This is not only an opportunity to enhance your writing, communication and networking skills, but also a very rewarding project; you have the potential for a major impact on other students from all different parts of the world!

Are you are an open-minded person who likes sharing experiences?
Then start sharing your experience on your campus and be the LFC Reporter of your school. We want your insights!

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How to become a reporter?

1. Fill in the following form

2. The Official Committee will choose 1 reporter for each institution

3. After the announcement of the blogger, the community manager activates the dedicated blog

4. An interview (skype, phone...) is organized to help the new blogger in the writing of his first article

Conditions to become reporter

- Student from one of the 1000 best BS in Eduniversal selection
- 6 month minimum
- English skills (writing)

Student World News Agency

The Student World News Agency is a worldwide agency consisting of reporters studying in higher education institutions, whom are seeking to communicate with a global network of other students like themselves. The SWNA aims to gather useful information through various school-related type articles, written by local students on each campus. These bloggers are representatives of the best 1000 business schools worldwide - our mission is to give students in different parts of the world access to important and useful information regarding a school they may otherwise not be exposed to. This is done with the intention of assisting those who are making one of the most important and difficult choices of their lives, where to do their post-secondary studies?

Live From Campus not only offers a service to those students making post-secondary related decisions, but the reporters themselves will also develop promising skills in the fields of journalism, communication and public relations. Each article will give a better insight into a particular institution, complementing the school’s strong points and increasing its international reputation and appeal, all while the reporters can hone their professional writing techniques.

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