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Meeting with a french IIMB student

Posted on Nov, 26 2013 - Reporter: Community manager

Meeting with a french IIMB student

During our time on the IIMB campus I had the chance to meet one of the 35 french foreign students (out of 60 in total) who decided to realize their international semester in Bangalore, India.

Stevan TANVET is a 24 year old french student. After 2 years of preparatory school in Brittany, he passed the exam to enter Audencia, a french Business School


In Audencia like in many other Business Schools, it is compulsory to spend some time abroad. That is why Stevan had to choose a place to go among the numerous possibilities offered by the Business School. Stevan choosed the IIMB to live a different experience, something which opens mind and sticks in your mind.



Well he was not disappointed when he arrived, nothing was to be compared with France. First the actual smell, the mess ans the noise of the city. You have to note that in the highway code (supposing there is one written) you HAVE to use the horn each time you want to overtake any other car (to warn just in case). Then the bedroom : be prepared to have less confort that you were used to. Rooms are correct but basic. There is one common bathroom per floor with a water filter to get proper water to drink. Be also prepared to have a serious change in your diet, food is spicy and there is a period of adaptation..


The rent is very low which is a big plus according to Stevan. Each foreign student pays 500 euros for the room and the food for 4 month. It helps you to save money to travel. Besides Stevan was going to a road trip in the area of Kerola just after our interview. Here is a photo he sent me afterwards.



Stevan enjoys studying in the IIMB because he finds IIMB students very welcoming. Indeed "we often think it is just a myth but Indians are really welcoming people". In addition the rythm of the school day matches foreign student expectation. They only have 2 days of classes per week (they have to take 4 to 6 classes) and then they have the opportunity to spend time discover the country. However it is important to note that an important personal work is expected after classes.


I asked Stevan which class did he appreciate the most. The title of the course is "profiling poor people". During this class you have a project to build. With the help of an interpreter, they try and start conversation with some poor people living in shanty town. Thus they gain a better understanding of the real situation on the field. The goal of this course is to change the ready-maid pattern and to build effective projects which have a real and positiv impact on the population.


Then we discussed about sports. You probably know that cricket is everpresent in India, players are like socker star in Europe. Fortunately the IIMB gives you the opportunity to play other sport. A good weights room is available and you can play soccer among other sports. As a good soccer fan Stevan plays in the IIMB team and had the opportunity to take part to the Business Schools soccer tournament. The IIMB accessed to the final which was taking place in the IIMB and won it.

Indians may be welcoming people but it comes to sport they let theit kindness in the changing-room.



Kevin Garrido (LFC Community Manager)



PS : Here is a look of the IIMB hair salon