“Live From Campus is a first time ever website to broadcast information, encouraging international student mobility. Many students choose to do their studies abroad or at least far away from their home, and picking the right institution can be a difficult and overwhelming choice. We are recently discovering that student-to-student advice plays one of the most crucial roles when students make the choice of where to do their post-secondary education. We have recognized this fact and have created a network available to students on every continent to have the most clear, most accurate and easily accessible information on some of best educational institutions in the world today.

The LFC network compromises of the 1000 best schools according to the Eduniversal Official Selection. Each of these schools will have blog where a student is able to express themselves and document the exciting and interesting things happening on their campus.

These ‘reporters’ can write about whatever they find interesting. Topics range on things such as student life on campus, recent activities and events, registration and administrative processes and the best and most popular places to hang out off campus. You will also find interviews with important figures involved with the institutions, as well as helpful tips to integrate and feel more at home.

LFC offers a chance to connect with other students from all over the world. This is a massive network, consisting of Eduniversal’s 1000 best business schools, all reaching 153 different countries worldwide. Finding real and accurate information on the other side of the world usually not simple; however you will hear news coming directly from other students experiencing life on a particular campus, no matter how far away.

Through this our communication platform, you can truly discover what each school has to offer. By giving students this kind of utensil, we are able to help broadcast the individual story and unique components that make each school different from another. As student information exchange plays such an integral role for young people, LFC has chosen to establish a network where students can easily access the necessary information to potentially make a choice that will change their lives forever!

LFC wants to help guide you in your journey for an amazing international studying experience!”