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Last name: Batrukh

Knowledge and Experience never equal Ignorance

01/02/2012 13:58:13

Knowledge and Experience never equal Ignorance

Several students from the four disciplines graduate from our faculty every year. These students need help and support. So, our faculty decided to establish a unit that do support alumni and considers their affairs and matters. It invited professionals from local Palestinian companies to get benefit from their experiences and helping students find work. As a results, student find access to new careers in our local market.

In line with the mission of the University, our faculty try to prepare well educated and trained graduates to  be eligible to meet the need of the local labor market and requirements of the desired development in the Palestinian Society.

The unit seeks to follow the alumni through building strong and effective relationships between the alumni themselves and among university and the community.

Added to that, at the end of each semester, our Business school try to find new positions for the students who are expected to graduate and allow them to contact Executives, Financial mangers, and Accountants who are working in the Palestinian financial institutions and companies.

For superior students (on the dean list), our faculty consider the outstanding scholarships to allow graduate students to take part in these opportunities.

Education and Experience never Equal Ignorance.


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