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LFC Contest- Learning Never Stops

24/08/2013 22:25:49

LFC Contest- Learning Never Stops


Learning Never Stops

Dana Safi is an Alumni  whose  project was about reasons of Public Sector managers’ failure. She got inspired by the Business School professor; Dr. Qasem  Awwad, who worked as a professional project coordinator who has years of experience working on complicated construction, and managerial projects.


Dana Safi was interested to see why the managers of public sector have failed. She found out that five main reasons form the roots of failure which were concluded as follows:

1.       Lack of planning: managers fail to do the right planning from the beginning. Managers lack the ability to set up long term planning which affect their short and long term decisions.


2.       Lack of implementation proficiency: including scarce resources, lack of experience and proficiency


3.       Not accepting others advice


4.       Not reaching objectives


5.       Lack of motivation: including incentives.



Some of the recommendations Dana focused on in her project were:

1.       Increase communication between the managers and employees across all departments

2.       Increase motivation and incentives: either through recognition programs and contest, or through increase their pay and provide benefit programs including insurance, and other facilities

3.       Must appraise the employees and managers performance periodically to make sure any mistakes are corrected and taken into consideration.

4.       Set up plans ahead of time, follow the deadline.


During the interview with Dana Safi, she said, that Al-Quds University Offered her a lot of opportunities to improve her personality and to see the world of business in a clearer manner. During working on her project, every doctor at the school helped me in the research process, and answered any question she had. She added,” I love the spirit of collaboration and cohesiveness at the school, I will never forget the days I spent with my friends and professors, I will never forget the nights of studying that really benefit me now and the outcome I got is outstanding”.






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