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Qasem Awad's Life Journey is all about believing in yourself to succeed.

20/11/2013 20:41:54

Qasem Awad's Life Journey is all about believing in yourself to succeed.

Qasem Awad's Life Journey is all about believing in yourself to succeed

Qasem Awad, The Head of Business Administration Departments completed his Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Birzeit University, and Master’s degree from Al-Quds University in Business Administration. Dr. Qasem is a certified project management professional (PMP) and qualified trainer in project management. He organized many training sessions in both private and public sectors in Palestine, Tunisia, America, Britain, and many others. He has more than twenty years of experience in managing projects.

Dr. Qasem Awad is a qualified trainer in project management. His training sessions covers many important and interesting topics such as; project management professionalism, project monitoring and closing, managing contract and cooperative agreements, privatization of water sector, water economy, program management, costing of construction projects, teams dynamics, partnering, computer applications, managing water lines, and safety in construction sites.

Dr. Qasem has worked as a professor at Al-Quds University for seven years. He teaches many courses such as Project Management, Operations Management, Operations Research, Product Management, and Procurement and Supply Management. During the interview with Dr. Qasem, he encouraged students to study as hard as they can, because every course have been taught at the business school is very helpful in facing real life challenges and opportunities. And help students be prepared enough to solve any problem they face now and in the future. He said that every student is capable of learning. And every student should use the skills he or she learned in a way that benefit themselves, their school, and their society as well.




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