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Poetry time at AQU, where everything is bursting with rhythm!

03/04/2014 10:31:59

Poetry time at AQU, where everything is bursting with rhythm!

Poetry is gaining more attention at Al-Quds University in Jerusalem. At AQU we encourage the talents of our students and work to employ the skills of our alumni.

Who knew that one day poetry would have its own day! A day where we can all appreciate and embrace poetry and poets of our university.

The 15th of March was the day, where the faculty of Arts, Public Relations Department, and the New Department of Alumni and Friends organized the event “The Day of Arabic Poetry” which is planned to be an annual event from now on after the success that this event witnessed. The event was held in the honor of the visit of the acclaimed Poet Sheikh Abdulaziz Saud Babtain, who unfortunately could not make it to visit palestine, nor to this event as planned .

AQU alumni joined current students whom together came up with a creative poetic Operetta made of Babtain poetry and AQU students and alumni poetry;  Muhammad Ayyad a student of Arabic Literature, Arts Tasneem Shqeirat, a student of Public Health, Majdi Selwade a student of Law, Muhammad Al Bargouthi, alumnus- Math Department, Jasem Schumann, alumnus- Fine Arts Department, and last but not least, the friend of the University Ahmad Ayoub who wrote the 3 poems that were part of the operetta..

Throughout the event, Dr. Habbazi, the Dean of the Faculty of Arts introduced Sheikh Babtain and highlighted his contributions to literature in the Arab World and his chairs in European Universities in support to Arabic Language and Poetry. He also thanked his for his contribution to AQU through building a small Library in AQU City Campus in Baith Hanina. A lecture about the Palestinian Literature and Poetry of Resistance was delivered  by  Adel Al-Ustta, Professor of Modern Literature at Al Najah University, also, a lecture by  Mahmoud Al-Atshan, Professor of Modern Literature at Birzeit University, on the Development of Arabic Poetry. The event was held with the presence of Professor Sari Nusseibeh, the President, the Vice Presidents, Poets from the Local community, Deans of Faculties, Faculty members and the students of Al Quds University who made this ceremony a success.

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