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Welcoming New Students and Honor List Ceremony

18/11/2013 19:31:20

Welcoming New Students and Honor List Ceremony

Welcoming New Students and Honor List Ceremony

The faculty of Management and Economics at Al-Quds University organized a ceremony welcoming the new students for the year of 2014-2015. The ceremony also was organized to thank the honor students for their hard effort and participation throughout the semester with the participation of teaching staff and heads of departments.

During the ceremony, the Faculty of Management and Economic Dean, Dr. Akram Rahal, welcomed the new students, stressing the importance of joining the University of the oldest Palestinian Universities, encouraging students to work hard to achieve success and excellence, and expressed his willingness and all the staff at the college to help students and guide them in their scientific career.

The heads of departments in college also overviewed their departments and disciplines plan to the new students and also asserting the need to choose a major that fits their abilities and qualifies them for the right job

An honor student, Alaa Hammad also thanked the honor students for their outstanding effort and initiative. Indicating that the superiority can be achieved for all students who seek it.





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