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Research Skills and Language are the Pillars of Higher Education

31/01/2012 21:13:52

Research Skills and Language are the Pillars of Higher Education

With the introduction of open Societies, Globalization, and advanced technologies, students are finding easy access to the universities around the world, in particular, business schools. The fact, that students around the world become interested in higher education. They always try to take part in the master and doctoral programs. In order to success to take BA, or master or Ph.D, students are required to meet the conditions of study.

Since all business schools adopt international business books in English, student should consider that. They also should show English proficiency, listening, speaking, reading and writing. In addition, student should study textbooks that related to their disciplines. This process helps them to get familiar with the business terms, which in turn develop their writing skills in business literature.  

On the other front, some student face difficulties to learn English language may be because he or she ignored the importance of English language. To solve this problem, student should learn real English, speak naturally, automatically as well as study business books, articles, Journals. This process enables students to communicate other people.  

Added to that, students should get experience with the use of computer programs, In particular, Excel, Word, SPSS, PowerPoint, Eviews, etc……

Lastly and not the least, students should know how to design, develop, and conduct a research in disciplines of management, accounting, finance, and Economics, namely, problem specification, objectives determination and hypothesis formulation, data manipulation, statistical analysis and how to employ econometric techniques to measure variables. With these skills, students become able to write and deliver acceptable and publishable work. As a result, the empirical findings of business researches provide policymakers, the public, investors, creditors, and organizations with recommendations that can play an important role for improving the performance of the economy as a whole.

For our Business School, it requires national and international students to show high proficiency in English language, using computer programs and Research Methodology skills.  

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