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What do you do to study in our Business School

31/01/2012 12:29:09

What do you do to study in our Business School

Our Business School at Al-quds University in Jerusalem is one of the best World-wide Business Schools granted by EDUNIVERSAL- France.

It offers two programs: Bachelor and Mater programs. There are four disciplines: Accounting, Finance, Economics, and Business Administration. Every year, It accepts about 150 students from different regions. However, it is ready to accept international students. 

Students who plan to study in our school to take BA, should meet Admission requirements, such as: General Certificate of Secondary Education with average more than 75%. On the other front, student who need to take maser should have BA degree as well as Secondary Certificate with Average more than 75%.

Since our School adopts international Textbooks and the staff teach in English, the enrolled students should show English proficiency. Added to that, they should study hard. 

For Graduate students, they should learn research skills as well as Statistical techniques to be able to do publishable papers.

People Always say: If you study hard, You will succeed.

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