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First name: Isra
Last name: Batrukh

Dorms Life; see the world with a whole new perspective!!

05/04/2014 20:52:02

Dorms Life; see the world with a whole new perspective!!

Dorm life is one of the most integral parts of college. It is the place where you learn how to settle interpersonal conflicts with your roommates, how to cook your own meals, and how to be reliant. Living away from home could be very tough and challenging part of college life, but never set aside the fun part of it.

Dorms life could be the most rewarding part of college outside lectures and classrooms, living with different people and being exposed to many perspectives; it allows a student to see the world in a new way.

You live far away from school?? You pay way too much for transportations? You want to become extra- social, how about meeting new people? How about living in a dorm! The dorm does a great job of letting students worry less and focus more on school work. There are many people around for company, and you won’t have to walk long distances to get to classes, they’re just couple of minutes away from dorm.



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