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Interesting Facts About My Country :)

24/09/2014 14:53:57

Interesting Facts About My Country :)

  • The word “Palestine” originates from the word “Phillistia”, given by the Greek writers to the land of the Phillistines.
  • For centuries, ‘olives’ have been an integral part of the Palestinian culture, tradition and ethos.
  • Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine.
  • Muslims make up a majority of Palestinians though there is a large population of Christians as well.
  • Did you know that 11 out of 100 children in Palestine, suffer from chronic malnutrition? The figures are only increasing.
  • The official language is Arabic, the script of which is written from the right to the left.
  • Did you know that Palestine is the only country in the world which has been frequently condemned by the United Nations?
  • Over half of the Palestinian population, live under poverty line, with majority of the poverty-stricken areas found in the Gaza strip.
  • Did you know that there is a register for maintaining the records of the number of Palestinian refugees in the Middle East? Till date, the total is a whopping 4,618,141 in the Middle East alone and over 5.5 Palestinian refugees around the world.
  • Population of Palestinian territories is about 4 million; West Bank is 2.5 million and Gaza Strip is 1.5 million.
  • Bethlehem celebrates Christmas 3 times a year: Once on December 25 as per western tradition, then on 6 January as per the Greek Orthodox Church and then on 18 January, as per the Armenians.
  • 45% of the land in Palestine is dedicated to olive production. Most of this land is found in the West Bank.
  • Today, Palestinians are facing a housing crisis, due to the inadequate urban planning by the Israeli officials. More than 225,000 Palestinians are at a risk of losing their homes due to this.
  • Leaving its brutal past, Palestine is the only Arab country that is still widely being portrayed as the upholder of peace in the Middle East.
  • The currency of Palestine is the pound just like the previous currency used in the time of the British Mandate of Palestine between 1927 and 1948. A Palestinian Pound, with the mill being its smaller denomination, is issued by the currency Board of Palestine.
  • Palestinian culture does not accept Lesbianism and Homosexuality.
  • The current Palestinian government works along the rules and regulations laid down in the Constitution of Palestine which came into existence in 1968.
  • Dead Sea, the lowest natural point of elevation on Earth, is in Palestine.
  • British archaeologist Dorothy Garrod was the first to fully examine the Old Stone Age in Palestine. The study shows that at that time, Palestine was culturally linked to Europe, and the recovered human remains showed that the inhabitants belonged to the same group as the Neanderthal inhabitants of Europe.

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