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Topic of the Week- Dorms Life

19/09/2013 11:18:25

Topic of the Week- Dorms Life


Dorms Life

Living in dorms has its own opportunities and challenges. For some students, they like to live outside their homes to meet new friends, to start new life, to experience things they have never tried before, and basically to explore their new world. For other students, they like to stay at their homes with their parents, share their new life experiences with them, and stay within the warm environment they are used to.


Living in dorms is basically all about trying to adapt oneself into a new environment consisting of people who have different lifestyle habits. Sometimes, this causes many problems such as privacy problems, disagreements among roommates; those disagreements could start as simple problem such as cleaning the dorm to interrupting each other by listening to loud music that might affect the concentration level especially when the school exams starts.


Having to stay in dorms, open the doors for new friends and new relationships. For example, all roommates even if they had a hard time dealing with each other in the beginning. They will eventually try to get used to each other by compromising and accepting the solution that best works for all. For example, when roommates have some cleaning issues regarding who cleans the kitchen, restroom, or other places in the dorm. The solution might be setting up a schedule that states each ones turn in cleaning, this way the dorm will always be clean, and the roommates will not disagree anymore on this issue.


By interviewing a student named Samar Awadallah, who lived in dorms for five years. She expressed her opinion in dorms. She said” having to live in dorms, have changed my personality, now I can do anything by myself. Dorms lifestyle encouraged me to depend on myself, and be more responsible”.


Samar experienced many challenges while living in dorms. For example, lighting problem. At the city of Abu Dies where Al-Quds University main campus is located, there are a lot of lighting problems; the electricity is disconnected most of the time. Samar said “ However, electricity problem were a big issue especially during winter season, but now I am used to it, and my roommates and I are adapting ourselves to this kind of situations”.


Samar suggested four most important things to do when you move to dorms, Concluded as follows:

  1. Make extra key for the dorm
  2. Organize your personal items in a way that make it easy to find them
  3. Bring your favorite books with you: for your free time to read as a way to use your time wisely.
  4. Set up a schedule consisting of all dorm duties required from you and other roommates as a way to eliminate conflict that may arise.


In Conclusion, Living in dorms has its own advantages and disadvantages. It’s fun, open your eyes for the real world challenges, a way to meet new friends, and a way to be more responsible and dependable on yourself.


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