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Topic of the Week- Best Master

03/09/2013 16:34:46

Topic of the Week- Best Master

 Mousa Hamodeh is a well dedicated MBA Student who has learned a lot from being a master student in Business Administration at Al-Quds University. First, he was inspired to continue his master's degree by his family and friend. They were the main source of motivation and inspiration. Second, Mousa’s personality were all about helping other people, dedicate most of his time studying and doing his best to accomplish better outcomes.


Mousa wants to live a better quality of life, he wants to payback his parents for their support and help throughout the college years. For him, master's degree is about challenging himself to succeed, to innovate, and to change as well. During the interview, i asked him the following questions:


(1) What does Al-Quds University mean to you?

It means a family. A place where we meet new people, learn about others cultures. It’s a place to innovate, to learn, and to succeed.


(2) What made you want to attend al-Quds University to complete MBA degree?

Academic proficiency, variety of courses and knowledge provided, variety of students to meet and learn from their experiences, and scheduling flexibility.


(3) Tell me a little bit about the MBA Program at Al-Quds University?

It’s a 36 hours program by which students are required to complete several courses such as Statistics, Minimarket, Financial Corporation, Marketing Management, etc. after fulfilling the requirements and completing the required courses, each student must complete a test which shows his comprehensive abilities and understanding of the program, or each student could prepare an MBA Thesis and will be evaluated based on the final outcome.


(4) what did you learn from working as Research and Administrative Assistant at Al-Quds University?

I learned lots of things from working as Research and Administrative Assistant at Al-Quds University such as:

(1)  building stronger relationship with professors and students

(2) gain a richer experience

(3) helping students in their learning path and try to make a difference in their lives as well as his.


In conclusion, Mousa Hamodeh is a great example of achievement and success. Throughout his college years, he made sure that he worked his best toward achieving his goals, and to benefit his school as well.







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