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Tips For An Awesome Spring Break!

13/03/2014 17:09:42

Tips For An Awesome Spring Break!

Who does not like Spring break! What a great couple of weeks’ off school work!

Some of us might have tons of plans for such a break, others might choose to sit back and chill.

For those who choose to accomplish something during a short break, going on trips would be a great idea, or even hanging out with friends.I have noticed that our business club offers lots of volunteer opportunities for students to consider during breaks as well.

To enjoy spring break, you might want to consider the following suggestions. First you would want to set a goal to accomplish, you could plan to travel somewhere around the world, or even plan on going out and just enjoying time. You might even do something for others, like visit an orphans home or an elderly home, and just try to make a small difference in someone’s life.



Isra Batrukh 

school of business and economic science 



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