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Why should Al-Quds University be your choice

07/08/2013 13:06:03

 Why should Al-Quds University be your choice

Topic of the Week –“Why Al-Quds University should be your choice”

Al-Quds University has been widely known as a higher education institution that has many academic programs that suits everyone needs and circumstances. Students can both work and study at their convenience based on the flexible scheduling system the school follows.


After talking with several students about the reasons behind choosing al-Quds University as an academic institution to complete their education at. Six criteria have been concluded as follows:

1.      Academic Creditability: al-Quds university has been known for its credibility, outstanding programs, higher education and community services within the Jerusalem Area and neighboring towns, villages and refugee camps in the west bank.

2.      Overall environment: very relaxing environment with natural views, with contemporary looking buildings. The campus also contains a reverential monument and museum devoted to Palestinian prisoners of Israel, along with their writings and crafts. It is hard to walk the campus without being reminded of the conflict and the occupation.


3.      Professional education: Professors are well educated; appreciate the students’ efforts, willing to provide help, dedicated to their work, passionate about their jobs, and great motivators for students. They are willing to provide their maximum to enhance students’ knowledge and way of thinking, to build strong and lasting relationships with their students as well.


4.      Flexibility: the school flexible scheduling system helped student manage their time more effectively and use their free time to either study or work. The school also offers on campus jobs that allow students to pay for their tuition and use their free time in an effective manner. The Bard College program has helped students who have struggle speaking Arabic language to enroll in it and gain the knowledge they desire especially for international students and English native speakers. One side benefit of the Bard program would be the joint degree that would carry accreditation in New York State and thereby receive recognition in Israel.



5.      Financial suitability: the school offers payment program to help their students enroll in the programs they wish. One payment program, the students can fill out financial aid applications, with the required documentation for it. Most students receive financial aid especially for those who really needs them. Other program is for honor students, they get 50% of their education for free per semester as a way to motivate students to study hard and do their best.



6.      Geographical Suitability: Al-Quds University has campuses in Jerusalem, Abu-Dies, and Albireh. The availability of campuses in different location has helped students enroll in a campus that is closer to their home, which will minimize transportation costs, dorms, and other expenses the student may face.


In Conclusion, Al-Quds University has many advantages that every student are looking for in their education path, including credibility, overall environment, professional education, flexibility, financial and geographical suitability.







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