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First name: Isaure
Last name: d’Aillières

Campus Edhec Lille

12/02/2012 15:28:46

Campus Edhec Lille


With its 43,000 m² of buildings, the new campus has been built with an eye to housing 4,000 students in the future, one third of whom are expected to come from outside France. The campus accomodates the ESPEME Bachelor and EDHEC Master in Management programmes, as well as five MScs, the Executive MBA, the CSM (advances post-experience management programme), customised and open-enrolment training programmes together with research chairs and centres.

As a student in Edhec (I am currently in gap year) i have discovered this amazing campus from the begining. This campus was created last year. You have spaces for conference room but also student rooms (many foreign students live in this student residence), a swimming pool and a sports hall.

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