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# 2 LFC Contest | Courses and associative life: strike for a new balanced education! (by Marion)

20/08/2013 10:37:47

#  2 LFC Contest | Courses and associative life: strike for a new balanced education! (by Marion)

Each time I try to describe what I really do at EMLYON, courses don't come first, rather associative life. Actually, this may be strange, but, associative life and courses are deeply linked together. They are two complementary pillars of our school life.

First, all is about teamwork. When you ask people, one thing they remember about education in our school is that they have been dealing with projects and presentations that they had to provide in common. So, they remember with emotion how difficult it was to organize all this. But they assure you it'll be helpful to have acquired this skill for your future job - I think it starts now.


I am a part of a student club which organizes a speech competition at school each year. We need to divide all the parts depending on the strengths of our co-workers. Sponsor relationships, room keeping, student relationships, jury relationships...each of these points concerns not all students of the club but a few only. Actually, as our association is quite small, we can have a look on what everybody does. This is a way to help each other in order to find solutions in common.

We learn this practically during lessons and out of the classroom at school. I correspond to nice balance between rigor and open-mindedness!

Once, a philosopher said – I think it was Kant – that an Idea cannot be meaningful if you do not share it. You need to confront other people's mind to make your projects bigger. I agree with this. We learn from other people in every course, we even try to create an intercultural dialogue. But, all this is needed in our associative life. All the events and even the organization of them require a complete dialogue between students in the school. All of them are also invited to express their mind to make a change in the habits! Thinking of new events, promoting intercultural ones are the key of a successful student life on the campus. This is also about education!


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