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# 4 LFC Contest | Being an international student at EMLYON: a complete life experience! (by Marion)

21/08/2013 21:58:52

# 4 LFC Contest | Being an international student at EMLYON: a complete life experience! (by Marion)

            We interviewed four international students (Ali,Florence,Isabel,Patrick) who agreed to speak about their life at EMLYON. Behind the answers, it seems that being a student at EMLYON has been a moving experience for them. They came from Europa, Africa and even Asia and what drew their attention at first on this school was its international ranking. Also, the 'SAI', the international admission service, made the school really accessible from their own universities. Excellence and administrative accessibility were the two major criteria.


After passing the exams and the academic equivalence, they had to fit in the student life. It hasn't been easy for all of them. What really helped them was the fact that they were living with other foreign students in a specific residence on the campus, their own community and also the associative life also helped them a lot. Indeed, being an active member of the student life was 'magic' for Patrick a student from Cameroon who is enjoying beautiful holiday before September.




   Regarding the courses, they are not only 'practically oriented' according to Isabel but also getting interesting when it comes to fundamental courses for Ali. This balance between theory and practice has been appreciated by all of them. Teamwork has been essential; it brings ideas from different people with different backgrounds. This wealth is the opportunity for all students to confront their mind to other people from other cultures.



            Besides, the international aspect of the school brings 'intercultural understandings and better language skills' for Isabel and the other students can’t agree more with her. The school is in France, which is a great opportunity to discover the French culture and Lyon – a truly beautiful city! Even if you don’t necessarily speak French, you'll speak English that is the main international language for courses and or meeting international friends. For Florence a young girl from Shanghai said, EMLYON is also about 'party culture'. She's simply learnt how to enjoy everyday life with friends as she couldn't do it in Shanghai. So, you do have expectations to fulfill at EM Lyon, but, you have as well the time and tools to relax and party as you wish!


Actually, meeting new people and friends is also a way to develop open-mindedness. 'Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one ' (Malcolm Forbes). This quote sounds like the school values! I am sure that students' mind is not empty before entering the school, but at the end, they have gained something they won't write on their CV, rather something that will remain enshrined in their minds: no prejudice about others and cultures. Florence hopes it's true while Ali thinks that open-mindedness can really 'serve the world'. That is an impressing way of describing what Isabel has said about intercultural management. That is a kind of soft skill that a business school – particularly EMLYON – can bring to you. However, as Florence said, it won't wait for you. You have to take the opportunity the minute after entering the school.

Many things need to be improved though. The education path is not always clear for Patrick and students should be heard regarding this. Furthermore, the international students often complain about the internships that are too short. Regarding the student life, Florence asks for a better integration for foreigners but it should be international students’ initiative to do that. In contrary, Isabel would like the associations to be more accessible. Many of their members are only French speaker, so it's quite hard for foreigners to understand how it works. Improving communication and implementing a broader international dimension in the school life seems to be a solution. Maybe, a little bit of organization would be also appreciated!


            So, to put an end to this article, I'd say that EMLYON is about diversity, inspiration, entrepreneurship and magic. Actually these 4 different words were given by Florence, Patrick, Isabel and Ali to describe the school. Yeah – great job EMLYON – but it's not the moment to take a bow – as they say, show must go on!


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