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# 3 LFC Contest | Lifestyle at EM Lyon : “When you do what you fear most, then you can do anything.” ― Stephen Richards (by Meiyu Hélène)

20/08/2013 11:56:48

#  3 LFC Contest | Lifestyle at EM Lyon :  “When you do what you fear most, then you can do anything.” ― Stephen Richards  (by Meiyu Hélène)

Okay, I don't know who Stephen Richards is, but I like this quote because it epitomizes what I'm experiencing at EM Lyon. To be honest, excitement always comes with a bit of anxiousness for me and business school is the perfect place to overcome my fear and make myself seize opportunities.  Since I started studying there (i.e. a year ago), I had many occasions to experience new things that are exciting, gratifying but at the same time, challenging. Student club projects, research project, virtual company project, looking for a 6-month internship abroad, are some examples of them.

I first knew I wanted to study at a business school when I was thirteen. Granted, it’s a bit creepy. I’ve always been ambitious(and ok, a bit crazy) when I think of all the dreams I had when I was younger, but well this is NOT the topic. Anyway, seven years later, here I am, studying at the EM Lyon Business School. What I can say is, that it was really difficult to get there, I was like a ninja during two years avoiding all the sneaky tricks on the road, only sleeping for few hours every day - I did not try to make a fire with my initial bad marks though. [Note: In France, one of the ways the get into what we call “Grandes Ecoles” is to spend two years (sometimes three or even four) in “Classe préparatoire” doing nothing apart from studying for extremely important exams].

French students tend to be more individualistic during the “Classe préparatoire” period because only the best students can have the best schools whether once in business schools, one of the words you hear the most is ‘teamwork’. Let’s face the truth; teamwork can be the best thing in your studies as much as it can be the worst. It’s not easy to work with people you don’t know but it’s still a good experience in the end. It’s part of the implicit knowledge you acquire in a business school and it has helped me to be more patient, open-minded, manage people or to be managed so for someone who’s studying for a Master of Management, it’s not bad right ?



In addition, what would be student club life without teamwork? Student club life is one thing I enjoy at EM Lyon. There is (almost) always something going on at the campus. I love the feeling that we can create something meaningful when I am working with others students on projects that are exciting and stimulating. You know the same feeling in a movie when you think that the main character is screwed after facing a lot of hardships but then his/her buddies come to help him. So yeah, the real world we are living in is tough but sometimes, it’s good to feel this way.












Some other times, we are also a bit worried about our future. As students we don’t always know about the exact field we want to work in, or the courses we should take to get there and we always have eternal “what ifs” that can change our decision from one day to another. EM Lyon Business school has a flexible educational path but you might also feel lost when you are free to make your own decisions. So the thing I’m still learning is to think, whenever I feel overwhelmed by all the possibilities, ‘Okay you are freaking out because you have to choose between this and that but you can’t always procrastinate so now it’s time for you to calm down and carefully consider your options’. So yeah, let's not forget that even the most successful entrepreneurs are humans, like you, me and my old aunt (the last point has yet to be proved) so it means that they made mistakes but they eventually moved on.

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