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How is organized the student life in the ESCA school of management

25/02/2013 12:27:34

How is organized the student life in the ESCA school of management

Everybody likes to believe that in Morocco schools are different. That the students have no life and that they spend their days studying. Well it is completely false. 

In ESCA school of Management, the student life is led by a body named "La Vie Associative". Well certainly we have no campus deserving of big American universities. But we find the means to escape the routine.

So we make a commitment in the organization of events of size which are supposed to interest the majority. The activity sector of "la Vie Associative" is very diversified. The pole culture takes care of the organization of cultural events such as Naruto Day which took place on January 19th, 2013, or even the American cultural week which will take place during the third week of March 2013. The pre-professional pole takes care of the organization of events allowing the occupational integration of the students such as the Job Day or still conferences with theme. We also have the sports pole and the pole solidarity, which have also at their expense the organization of events in touch with their activity sector. 

As a matter of fact, "La Vie Associative" is here to amuse the students and bring them out of the dullness of the classrooms and the lecture halls. Thus certainly we have no campus, because the city of Casablanca does not require it, but we work actively on the improvement of the conditions of study of the students in ESCA School of Management.

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