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Interview of Elora

06/09/2013 11:56:48

Interview of Elora

Could you introduce yourself briefly ?

I’m Elora Bertrand, student at Kedge Business school in Marseille. I’m twenty one years old and starting my first master year in September.

 What is your path before joining euromed ?

First I graduated high school with a scientific baccalauréat (diploma) and then studied for 2 years in a “classe préparatoire ECS” in Saint-Cloud,  the suburbs of Paris. To eventually pass the competitive test in order to integrate a business school.

 Can you explain why did you choose this school ?

I chose this particular school because it is one of the most implicated in sustainable development and equity. Besides it has a really efficient humanitarian association. What’s more the location, in the Calanques suits my outdoor aspirations.                                                                                           

 In which manners does it differ from other schools?

It differs because here you have your own time schedule that follow a special rhythm call : cycles of four weeks.The third week of every cycle is dedicated to group work. In this school you learn to work inside a group and how to manage it.

But , even though you can learn foreign language such as Chinese, Portuguese, Arabic, Japanese we don’t have English classes or Spanish classes which are, for me,  the basis. When you are learning a language you need to practice it and the internet classes they gave us are not convincing at all.

What do you think of the merger between BEM and Euromed?

I think Kedge is a good idea and that student can win from it with more foreign university partnership for instance. But the rising studying fee for new comers is a shame.

And the new school Kedge BS?

Well the name isn’t really appealing but beside that it allows our school to reach a better ranking and there for boosting our employability.

Furthermore it allows us to gather both campuses into one student community.


Do you think this merger will improve your diploma?

I hope so.

What do you think of the school associative life ?

I think it is the most important aspect of a business school. And being part of an association is like being part of a family. Association are truly the ones keeping the school alive at a student level.

In what projects are you involved ?

I’m part of a project called “Raid’It “, we organize outdoor outings such as acrobranche, bun j jumps, paint ball and a student championship with biking, running and kayaking.

I’m also part of the improvisation theater club, les Kandinsky.

 What do you do outside the school ?

I worked at a sport shop call Décathlon in Bonneveine, Marseille as a sales lady in the mountaineering section. Working and studying is a bit tiring. During this summer I worked in another sport shop also in Marseille called Au Vieux Campeur where I have to manage my own stocks and shelves.

I climb in the Calanques and trail run, play badminton.

What do you think of the city of Marseille?

Marseille is a great city if you don’t mind trashes, rats and hearing bad stories about northern neighborhoods. However you have the sun, the beach, the Calanques  and the old neighborhoods which looks like fishermen villages.

 How do you feel in it ? What is your career plan?

I feel good in Marseille, once you understand a bit better how to travel in it and where to go and not go (northern neiborhood).

I don’t have a  precise career plan yet.

Do you think studying in Kedge BS will enable you to fulfil it ?

I hope it will enable me to get an international job in which I can fulfill my expectancies.

What are you plans for this years ?

My plans are to succeed in leading my association, getting better at improvisation theater, obtain my driving license and find a concrete career plan.

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