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Start an association: the best way to blossom

30/09/2013 17:33:34

Start an association:  the best way to blossom

In Marseille Kedge  BS’s campus, there is an important associative diversity of 22 associations and hundreds of  associative projects.

In the centre of “ ProAct”  teaching method

If there is such an associative richness, it is due to the ‘’Pro Act” concept ; one of the pillars of Kedge BS’s teaching method.  The “ProAct” method is based on the fact that a student learn more by the practice than trough theory. Indeed, the involvement in an association offers the opportunity to work in a team and to put into practice all the fundamental principles  of management with the organization of meetings, event planning,treasury, communication ( according of your function)  …This is the reason why an entire corridor is dedicated to associations : that’s the ”couloir des assos”.

An incredible human experience

Even more than a mean to practice its lessons, or a line in a resume, be an association member is an incredible human experience.  Thus, students will work and share  during  2 years in order to improve themselves thanks to a common passion. In the end, that experience creates long-lasting links and friendships.

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