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Get ready to love your buddy

19/08/2013 11:50:28

Get ready to love your buddy

This is an interview of Miso Park a young international studient of 21 years old that come from Seoul in South Korea.

Miso Park, 21, Seoul, South Korea

Why did you choose to study in France? 

I wanted to visit the country of fascinating cultures, and I was very interested in the French Language. On top of that, I met some French exchange students back at my home school, and they made me become more interested in France and the French people.

Why did you come to study in Euromed?

I wanted to learn about the Communications field. I heard they had good communication courses here. Sadly, I couldn’t take any of the courses. However, I chose this school because I loved the slogan “Get ready to love your future” when I first checked out the website. My exchange program coordinator also said this school has a good exchange program, where I could meet and network with students all around the globe.

What vision of the France  had you before leaving your country?

I thought the France had a lot of unique culture, very proud of its food, language and so on. I knew that the people were very relaxed and very tranquil. I wanted to take some time off on my busy days back at Seoul, and wanted to take some time learning about myself.

What do you think of France and French people now?

Honestly, I thought that French people were snobby however, I learned that people were so nice here. Especially, even my French friends warned me about the people in Marseille. They all said, it’s dangerous and you shouldn’t believe people you just met. However, when I first arrived at the St Charles with my 23kg and 32kg bags, everyone offered to help and it was really warming. Even the people I meet on the street asking for directions are nice. I still think that the French administration and the processes are slow; however I am learning to adjust. I am still learning on my way, and I want to have an open mind about the wonderful possibilities that lie ahead of me.


What did you think of your welcome to Euromed?

From St Charles, I was greeted by the Interact students. They helped me with my bags and they were really nice. The meeting place that we were supposed to meet was closed due to some incident, and my flight was delayed so I was frustrated and tired and even scared, however, when they showed up I was so relieved. The 3 days of the Orientation by the O.I.P helped me so much in understanding about the school and I felt I was truly welcomed here at Euromed.

What do you think of the atmosphere Euromed?

I think that the overall atmosphere around Euromed is so international, global and diverse. I see lots and lots of international students everywhere.

How did you feel in Marseille?

For a few days here in Marseille, I have to say, I was really nervous and scared from all the rumors and the warnings my friends gave me. I was very cautious. Unfortunately, I saw some awful things on my third day here at Marseille (my friends and I saw a woman jump in front of the subway trying to kill herself. Thank God the train stopped but I was quite at shock for a while.) I was afraid to go at night, but now I feel more comfortable than before.

A last word for the end?

I wanted to say thank you Euromed for making my 2013 special. I am truly glad to be here at this time, when Marseille was chosen as the European city Capital, and the glorious merge between BEM and Euromed to become KEDGE, the leading Business School in France. Thank you.

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