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Enactus and the Beaux Art

03/02/2014 15:36:04

Enactus and the Beaux Art

the association of social entrepreneurship Enactus Kedge brought students in the Coffee shop  of the campus The Foyer in order to renovate its old furniture.

During the Entrepreneurship Day the local office of Enactus in Marseille brought  Fortuné Latokpa a young artiste  and student in the Beaux Art. Fortuné Latokpa renovated the old furniture only thank to raw  material.  Giving the opportunity to young artiste to renovate old furniture is a new project of Enactus, it is called l ‘ Atelier. This project is managed by student of the Science Faculty, Kedge BS, and the Beaux Arts, thus  it is the first project in common of students of all the Universities of the campus of Luminy. And this is also the first sustainable project since  its give a new life for the furniture preventing them from by being throw it away. Moreover the project allow student to buy custom furniture for a low price and allow artistes to live of their arts and promote them.

This project is one of many projects of Enactus Kedge. Indeed  organize  some workshops with some local companies and some association in order to promote  social entrepreneurship.

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