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Kick Start Weekend

06/01/2014 14:06:30

Kick Start Weekend

The weekend of 7-8 December was the first Kick Start Weekend

Kick Start Weekend is a Weekend when more than 550 students in the  associations of the three campus of the school ( Bordeaux, Marseille, Toulon) met in order to exchange and create projects in common. This First Kick Start Weekend take place in the campus of Marseille. The goal of this Weekend was to initiate the fusion between the association  by bringing closer similar associations.

This is an opportunity for students from different campuses to meet, exchange, share of their experiences in order to create the beginning of in inter campus spirit. This Weekend is also the occasion for smaller associations to be help by bigger associations.

Nonetheless more than just simple meetings, these roundtables intended to create  innovative projects.  And Indeed innovative projects have been created, 35 projects of which 17 were shortlisted and will receive grants from the school.

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