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Technom’aide a New association

15/01/2014 23:10:23

During  the Weekend Kick Start, there has been also the birth of new association technom’aide.

The goal of technom’aide is  to help and encourage in their using  of the new technology. Firstly with its web site, a web site that offers many tutorials and  advices on all kinds of software. Technom’aide propose  also numerous training on all kinds of software of which Excel, Acess, Photoshop. One of the projects of technom’aide is Techlab a project to support and supervise projects with high digital components  to help other associations to create their own website and their own applications. Technom’aide carry out many actions  as the online management of the election of the campus representatives ( Students office),  Computers Wash Day when members of the association wash the computers of the students of the campus.

In the Future Technom’aide will implement new projects. Such as a Start-up incubator with a partnership with Belle de Mai ( a French IT project incubator), the students of Kedge will be able to start their own start-up and beneficiate of this partnership with the help of business angel. Technom’aide is also trying to create partnership will Big IT company such Apple, IBM, Microsoft. At last at the end of the semester Technom’aide will launch a community platform promoting exchanges between campus either in terms of skills or experiences.

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