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The comeback of the Foyer

07/12/2013 12:35:56

The comeback of the Foyer

The comeback of the Foyer

The comeback of the year


Due to the merging between Euromed and BEM, the school policy have changed now any kind beverages containing alcohol are prohibited. So the Foyer historic associative bar of the campus of Marseille had to stop all is activities until now.

The Foyer was an associative   bar created in 199. It was created in response to student protests, which demanded a place for all students to meet.  This bar that was managed only by  some students of the campus,it was the cheapest bar and one of the biggest bar of Marseille since it was the  3rd drinking establishment in the city. But not only a simple bar for several years he was the center of student life with the nickname “ the heart of the campus”. it was a place of conviviality, meeting between all the student and it was the place of promotion of all the associations of the campus. These associations could organize concerts, parties, and many more activities…

However with the prohibition of alcohol one would think that all this was ended. No if the Foyer have closed for several month it is in order to change all it concept. Indeed the Foyer have evolved by a transformation of a bar to an associative Café.

An associative Café with a diversified selection of coffee and tea  which over half are from fair trade. The furniture is old furniture recovered and customized by the students of the Beaux-arts . this associative Café is also a cultural Café with a partnership with the art assocation of the campus Lumin'Art, several artistes of city will expose their artwork


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