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Welcome to Marseille

17/08/2013 17:36:41

Welcome to Marseille

Kedge bs Marseille ( formerly Euromed Management) is a  French business school located in Marseille which have merged  this years with BEM another French business school located in Bordeaux in order to create Kedge bs a  business school which have for goal to become one of the leaders  in the management training in Europe.

A Campus rooted in Provence

As its name indicate Kedge bs Marseille is a French business school located in Marseille. Marseille is a city situated in  the South East of France at the edge of the Mediterranean Sea. The oldest city in France dating back to antiquity, nowadays Marseille is second biggest French after its  eternal rival Paris. However if this city is especially known for the “ Bonne Mère”  the nickname  Notre-Dame de la Garde a  famous Catholic basilica, the Calanques  ( a steep-walled inlet), the Pastis the city liquor ( an anise-flavored  liquor ), or the Olympic of Marseille the football club of Marseille an institution in Marseille. It will be a caricature to describe this city only by these characteristics. Indeed  Marseille is a  very cultural city with its own culture, that I would have to write thousands of lines just to describe it. That is why Marseille is the European capital of culture this year.

A Campus Unique

About half an hour from the city center, not far from the Calanques that the campus is. This campus has for specificity to have “ the hub” a hi-tech library, and the the “ couloirs des associations” (associations’ corridor)  , the place of life of the campus. The “ couloirs des associations” is the place where there are the premises of almost all associations, there are 23 associations in Kedge Marseille and more than  hundreds of projects. It is the place where the students exchange and work is their respective projects.



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