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LFC contest : Interview with our dean Dr. Sam Dalla

06/04/2012 23:23:42

LFC contest : Interview with our dean Dr. Sam Dalla


Interview with our dean Dr. Sam Dalla

Law is one of the most important factors in running successful businesses whether in the private sector or the public sector, that’s why I decided to have an interview with our Dean in the Higher Institute of Business Administration HIBA “Dr. Sam Dalla “to give us something from his rich experience in Law and the impact of law in Business, and also to tell us the essentials of the excellence in Education in our Campus ‘HIBA’   

But first of all let me tell you something about our Dean’s biography

Dr. Sam Dalla was born in Aleppo city “a northern city in Syria “

He studied the law in Aleppo University and got a bachelor degree, then he decided to travel to France to continue his study in “Université de Nantes” he got a master degree in public law and after that he got a PHD degree from the same university it was about “Judicial control over businesses”  . He wrote different articles about the Governance, partnership between the private sector and the public sector and also some articles about the managerial reform.

Dr. Sam has done a lot of courses in the National school of administration in France

ENA “école nationale d'administration” 

In addition to this He occupied different respectful positions in Syria like :

  • The Head of board in the Syrian Popular Credit Bank
  • The member of the Syrian Commission for Family Affairs
  • The dean of the Faculty of Law in Damascus
  • The dean of the national institute of administration in Damascus –Syria “INA “
  •  The dean of the Higher institute of business administration
  • He is a member of the constitution modeling committee.

The conversation is as follows:

The reporter : Dr. Sam first of all I would like to thank you for giving me the chance to have this interview with you today ,and I know that you’ve been busy a lot but you insisted on doing it today so thanks for your contribution .

The dean: you‘re welcome Khaled it’s my pleasure we all should work hard and support each other in our school as we are one soul in this unit .

The reporter : What are the reasons or the factors that make HIBA students differentiated from other university students in the region ?

The dean: HIBA is a newly established business school in coordination with unique and international universities and also with the European Union which gave it a push up towards being a very special business school in the region  .Moreover ,the university years are five years so this will make the period longer than the usual one .  Also I can tell you other reasons of differentiation that our studies focus on practical sections in addition to the theoretical sections since we provide a lot of master programs that are relevant to the market and satisfy the market needs .Furthermore the English level of our students which is achieved by a series of English courses offered by  the educational system gives them the opportunity to excel in their education and that made them preferable from many  companies for hiring them.

The reporter: as you know Dr. Sam that we have got 2 palms  in the Eduniversal Ranking so are we planning to get the third one ?   

The Dean: Yes we are planning to get it but because of the problems happened in Syria lately we stopped that temporarily and we hope to resume our procedures soon in getting the third Palm.

The reporter : How satisfied are you of our school performance ,and do you think that we can be better ?

The dean : successful people can’t be satisfied 100% of their performance I mean as long as we are capable of achieving results in our Educational system we should go ahead because in order to fulfill the excellence in Education we should work harder and harder  so we have to be up to date about the latest information , technologies ,and studies to implement them in our system.

The reporter : would you tell us about one of the latest projects in HIBA ?

The dean : Sure , actually we are working on achieving the DBA program in coordination with Bristol university in Auckland city in the UK  which is one of the best universities in the UK.

HIBA is also working on a very great project in Syria which is playing a very important role in the managerial reform in the public sector of the government that happened lately in Syria .

The reporter: HIBA is facing nowadays a new plan regarding some changes in the subjects so would you please tell us  the main objective?

The Dean : HIBA gas been established since 10 years and after this period of time we realized that we should merge some subjects ,delete others and add new ones in order to be up to date and satisfy the market needs .We are trying to implement some new educational programs in coordination  with other successful universities   .

The reporter: One more question Dr. Sam. What is the impact of law on business ?

The dean :  law is the organizer of any business whether it is a large company or a small business this organizer puts the rules ,the responsibilities ,the rights and duties .

So when a person wants to run a business , the law will help him/her achieve good results but taking into consideration the legal issues and procedures so this will protect the business and protect the rights of every individual in the community

The reporter : Dr. Sam, I want to thank you again for giving me a part of your time and thanks for your information , this interview was really beneficial  .



Done by : Khaled Nashar .

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