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Championship in HIBA

10/07/2012 00:27:54

Championship  in HIBA


Sport is one of the most common things that university students think of .

This is because sport with its different types or sorts represents a huge segment of people and also it is the united language that everyone understands.

HIBA (the higher institute of business administration) witnesses a very grand championship each year between the students in Basket ball and football.

In the beginning of each year an announcement is put by the students union in coordination with the management of HIBA for forming the teams for Basketball and football and then the students union sets the schedule of the matches with the locations and gives each team a specific colored uniform in order to be differentiated from the other teams .

In the mentioned time for the match the audience is gathered for supporting the team they like .

A very wonderful atmosphere is created when the match happens. In addition to a very successful friendship is built between HIBA students .



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