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LFC contest: Best events in HIBA

13/04/2012 01:23:46

LFC contest: Best events in HIBA


Successful university is not of which excels in only educational activities but also in social ones.

In the higher institute of business administration HIBA we believe in this idea and always try to develop creative events in order to have memorable moments in our campus .


Events in their different categories show students’ talents and competencies in many fields such as :

Music , Sports , Dancing , arts, and also abilities to manage galleries .

Since the establishment of HIBA in 2001 it has been famous for its various events  so I will give you some examples of what we usually do every year :

  • Football Championships
  • Basketball Championships  
  • Open days
  • DJ parties 
  • Graduation parties
  • Book fairs  


I am going to tell you about one of the best events in our Campus which is HIBA’S DAY

This even was done by the union students of HIBA .they did a really great job at that time

First of  all they needed sponsors to succeed in this event so they went to specific companies to ask for sponsorship. The event had a lot of activities such as:

  • Games
  • Test drive
  • Live DJ
  • Live Radio
  • Acrobats
  • Lottery
  • Food outlets 

A surprise came out at the end of the event when the famous Lebanese singer "samer Kabro" showed up into the party and started participating and singing to the audience.

The singer responded to an invitation from the union's students after they contacted him and told him about the event in our campus ,he showed acceptance for such invitation..

This event will remain a memorable experience for all HIBA students .


Done by : Khaled Nashar 




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