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LFC contest :The success of HIBA

14/04/2012 01:05:54

LFC contest :The success of HIBA


The university that contains international students ,tells others about its success.

In our campus there are a few people who came from different countries and decided to study in the higher institute of business administration HIBA .I meet one of them and had an interview with him to tell me why he chose HIBA as his Campus and how we excel in Education .

 His name is Amro ALghaziri , 22 years old. He came from Lebanon and decided to study in the higher institute of business administration.

 Because he is interested in business and especially HR studies , he chose HR as his specialization .

My first question to Amro was how he heard about HIBA and why he chose it as his Campus.

He told me that when he came to Syria he wanted a successful business school to study in so he searched on the internet and asked a lot of people and finally he chose HIBA .

His decision was because of the success of HIBA and its achievements in the past ten years.

Then I asked him about the keys of success in HIBA in his opinion .

he answered : one of the most important factors of success in our campus is when the professors teach us how to think outside the box .

I asked him “can you give me examples of what you mean?”

He answered: the professors used to give us freedom in choosing our homework topics because this will let us do something creative.

And also in each subject students will give presentations about certain topics in Arabic, English and sometimes French so this will improve the presentation skills of HIBA students.

 Moreover the business creativity course we take in the second year so it will rich our experience .

Then I asked him : “How do you describe the excellence of Education in our school ?”

He said: the excellence in Education can be achieved when the university has a successful and updated educational system  and also when the students find successful career paths

After graduation .Moreover the excellence will be clear to other when the school takes the responsibilities of establishing an association for its graduated students to help them find appropriate job offers .


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