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First name: Khaled
Last name: AL-Nashar

#LFC Contest : The more you read ,the more knowledge you get.

02/08/2013 14:42:59

#LFC Contest : The more you read ,the more knowledge you get.

First year university students have different behaviors, habits and practices and each student has his/her own lifestyle and this usually affects his/her way of studying, preparing for exams and also the way of participation during the lectures.

Campuses can help students change their lifestyle positively the moment they start going to their universities.

One of the most important students’ practices that should be improved or changed positively is the method of looking for knowledge.

Students can get huge sources of information from different places while they are at their campus such as libraries or Information centers that contain E-books.

The management of the Higher Institute of Business Administration (HIBA) offers a variety of knowledge sources for students to help them improve their skills in reading and searching for the right information to use them at the right time.

We "as HIBA students" are asked to do some assignments frequently by using the sources of information that HIBA offers.

The library at the Higher Institute of Business Administration has a great selection of updated E-books and traditional books so that what encourages HIBA students to read more and spend more time there.

Our professors tell us that the main objective of giving you assignments and projects is to improve a main part of your lifestyle which is reading and to help you find your information properly in an efficient time.  

Personally and after five years of studying at HIBA I am so glad to say that the number of hours spent on reading was increased and a main part of my lifestyle has been changed positively due to many assignments and research projects I have accomplished at HIBA so far.


Finally I would like to share with you what Dr. Seuss said about reading: "The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn the more places you'll go”.


Thank you 

By: Khaled Nashar

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