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Exams in HIBA

06/06/2012 02:05:39

Exams in HIBA


Students in the higher institute of business administration usually get ready for their final exam in the beginning of June, it always lasts for one month .

During this month students are tested in different subjects ,the ones they took in the second term.

Before one hour from each exam the distribution for the students places in the halls are announced in the Bulletin boards .

Before the exams students start getting nervous a little bit and I think that it’s normal to be nervous sometimes before the exams because student’s performance will decide whether this person is eligible to pass this year or not.


Our professors usually ask us to calm down during the exam because this will affect negatively on our performance . one of our professors gave us some tips for reducing exam Anxiety.

The tips are as following :

- Be Prepared Early

Lack of preparation will lead to depression that’s why students should prepare themselves for the exams early.              

- Sleep Well

Regular sleep is one of the best ways to control stress

- Learned Relaxed Breathing

When you display any symptoms of anxiety during studying or during the exam, use relaxed breathing to calm yourself.

- Don’t Study the Night Before.

Studying the night before an exam causes your anxiety level to increase. 

- Review Main Themes.

If it causes you anxiety NOT to study the night before an exam, review the main themes of the course earlier in the day. Of course, that implies that you should have already studied well.

- Have a Plan before the Exam.

As part of your studying, think about how you will approach the exam, and what you will do when you run into trouble. Having a plan in place will assist you to worry less about failing, and help you to concentrate more on passing.

-  Aim to Do Your Best.

Recognize and turn off your negative internal dialogue. Focus on the task instead of on yourself. Do not try for perfection – aim to do your very best.



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