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Good Bye HIBA

15/02/2013 22:51:19

Good Bye HIBA


Fifth year students in the Higher Institute of Business Administration are about to finish their study since this term is considered as the last term for them.

“It is definitely hard to leave your Campus after a lovely long time spent there with your friends and professors who were standing behind you to support you in every single step for making progress in your academic life” One of the students told me that.

Well actually the fifth year students are sad and happy at the same time when they leave their university.

They are sad because they will leave those sweet and memorable moments and also they may leave their friends since each one of them will choose his own destination.

But on the other hand they are happy because as soon as they get their graduation certificates ,they will be effective members in the markets and also in their communities.

HIBA students are business students specialized in one of these important specializations : Marketing, Finance, MIS, or HR management.

Finally I would like to wish them the best of luck in their future career.


Written By: Khaled Nashar





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