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LFC CONTEST : A view from HIBA Café "HIBA view"

15/04/2012 01:44:19

LFC CONTEST : A view from HIBA Café


Tallet HIBA is a special place for HIBA students. it is the Café of the higher institute of business administration “HIBA” This is the place where students have fun, chat with each other and have something to eat or drink.

The name of the café is descendent from the English phrase (HIBA's view) and the name really fits the café because it occupies a marvelous place and great scenery that fills us with joy and happiness.




The café is decorated in a modern way and as for the furniture and the equipments they are up to date in meeting our expectations so we feel as much as at home, so that we can reach our goals in achieving high grades in our various studies. it is considered as one of the factors of our excellence in education in our campus .

Moreover the wireless internet connection is available wherever we go so it is easy to bring our laptops and start working on our case studies, monthly homework and also final projects.


The played Music in the café has a very positive influence on the students because ,

we listen to different types of music everyday and each type suits the time period during the day.

When students graduate they will have a full pack of memories of this amazing place, because this café witnesses our happiness when we are happy because of getting a high grade, our sadness when something bad happens to us, our worry before entering the exam hall and other mixed feelings.


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written by :Khaled Nashar 

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