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The floor is yours

16/03/2013 16:52:00

The floor is yours



 Business students are required to possess very good presentation skills in order to be effective in their communities and be able to deliver their ideas in a professional way.

The Higher Institute of Business Administration offer its first year students a course in how to perform a sucessful  presentation in English where students have to give a presentation in front of their colleagues and professors and afer that they will be evaluated based on their performance.

The topic of the presentations can be about any thing related to business subjects.

In this article I wrote down some  points  we had  in the first university year: 

If you are going to make a presentation ensure that:

  • You have something important or interesting to say
  • You are the right person to say it
  • You believe in what you are going to say 


1- Research your Audience.

2- Identify your objectives.

3- Generate the POSSIBLE content.

4- Edit for Clarity.

5- Check your Content.

6- Introduction and Summary

7- Practicing

8- Plan Visual Aids.

9- You are Ready to GO!



Thank you 

Written By : Khaled AL-Nashar


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