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The importance of the body language in business

30/03/2012 17:16:53

The importance of the body language in business


The importance of the body language in business

Definition of Body language.

 Body language is a language without spoken words, it is called non verbal communication .

We use it all the time in our social life and business life so it is all about gestures movements and expressions made by people to deliver a specific message to other people .


The role of Body language.

When we connect with a person, we also have to make it clear to each other how the content of a spoken message needs to be interpreted but sometimes we are unable to deliver our messages by spoken or even written languages so we use the body language to supplement what we want to say by gesturing ,moving or even giving some facial expressions .

Body language in different cultures.

We should know that body language has different meanings in different cultures, so if we need to travel abroad to a country that has different culture or traditions, we shoul read about how people act there and study about their body language, especially when we need to conduct a meeting there or if we are one of the participants in that meeting or other business situations such as job interviews, because if we do not take this into account we may get ourselves in some serious troubles.

Here are some examples of body language in different countries :

Eye Contact:

 In the United States and Canada, INTERMITTENT eye contact is extremely important in conveying interest and attention. In many Middle Eastern cultures, INTENSE eye contact between the same genders is often a symbol of trust and sincerity however, between opposite genders.


In parts of Northern Europe a quick firm handshake is the norm while  in parts of Southern Europe, Central and South America, a handshake is longer and warmer.


 In America, there is a standard greeting: “Hello, my name is..” with a handshake.

In Japan, people bow while in Italy, people kiss cheeks. 


In some sects of Judaism, the only woman that a man will touch in his lifetime is the woman he is married to.  In Japan, Scandinavia, and England, touching is less frequent. In Latino cultures, touching is encouraged.


Some advices in Business body language 


One of the first key things people notice is, how the person carries  and presents himself whether he walks and stands with confidence :

·         Stomach in

·         Chest out

·         Shoulders back

·         Head up.


Smiles are an important facial expression. They show interest, excitement, empathy, concern; they create an upbeat, positive environment. Smiles can, however, be overused. Often, men smile when they are pleased; women smile to please. You know which is the most powerful!To gain and increase respect, first establish your presence in a room, then smile. It is far more professional than to enter a room giggling or "all smiles."

Eye Contact

It helps you understand what the other person is really saying verbally. When the eyes say one thing, and the tongue another, a practiced man relies on the language of the first

Looking someone in the eye as you meet and talk with him/her also shows you are paying attention. Listening is the most important human relations skill, and good eye contact plays a large part in conveying our interest in others.


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Written by : Khaled Nashar

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