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A chance for university entrants

11/05/2014 09:27:24

A chance for university entrants

Today at the 11st of May when all midterms are finished, university entrants will take a part in competition called "Megachance". This competition is made only for entrants and 25 winners of it will get annual discount of 25% for studying in IAB. I think it is a great opportunity,isn't it?

This competition will be in 3 tours. First is IQ test. Second is an essay on topics,which wil be given to competitors. And the third is results of National Testing.

First of all, I woul like to say that last year I took part in "Megachance" myself. And i passed and got discount. Many of competitors go on this competition sadly, thinking ,that they won't win. Frankly speaking, last year, I thought the same. But now, looking back, I understand that I wasn't right. This competition really gives a great chance for those people who really want to study in iAB. Moreover, it is not theonly competition which gives discount. Every year IAB organizes many olympiads and winners get 50%,30% and 25% discounts for studying. 

Also, this competition lets you become more developed, because topics which you get for essay are totally not like in school, themes there are a lot more serious and it shows that IAB is searching for smart and serious future businessmen. 

At the end , I would like to say that if you have a chance you need to use it. No matter who you are: student or you already work somewhere, or you're only going to university. Always use your opportunities and you won't regret about it later.


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