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Celebrating Nauryz

20/04/2014 15:13:25

Celebrating Nauryz

I've already written about kazakh national holiday called "Nauryz". This holiday lasts for one month and our university celebrated it yesterday, when the weather was the best for such event. Preparation for this holiday started on last week with setting on IAB's territory yurtsyurt is a portable, bent dwelling structure traditionally used by nomads in thesteppes of Central Asia as their home

This celebration wasn't only for students and teachers, also students could take with them their families, because Nauryz is a family holiday. Celebration was outside the building, on the fresh air. Students could take part in different competitions and they had a chance to win some prizes. Everyone could eat kazakh national food. A little bit later, on the afternoon, there was a concert, prepared by students and teachers. Also, on the concert, there were presented different nationalities with their national dancings and songs. 

Making a conclusion, I can only say that this day was very bright and it will always be in our memory. Thanks to IAB for making fun for us and making us have fun together.

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