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Last name: Jakipova

IAB on educational exhibition

25/04/2014 08:34:16

IAB on educational exhibition

Last weeks of april were full of different and bright events. One of them is educational exhibition. On this exhibition Almaty's unviersities were presented by their students, and IAB also took part in it. First of all,this exhibition was prepared for pupils who are deciding and choosing a university to go to the next year. 

Everyone could see,that the territory IAB had on it was the biggest. Moreover, the most number of students on this exhibition again was of IAB's students. These event pasted for three days and during all these days pupils from the whole city could come and see what IAB is. Our students told them about IAB's educational system, frankly speaking, they told pupils everything about IAB.

Besides it, our students didn't forget about fun. So, everyone could dance with our students, take part in some competitions and just spend time with them and feel IAB's atmosphere.

These three days were very impressive and everyone who was there got a great mood.


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