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First name: Dilyara
Last name: Jakipova

Museum in IAB

30/04/2014 06:30:40

Museum in IAB

Yesterday, on the 29th of April in IAB was a great event. In our university was opened IAB's museum. But this museum is unusual, it is interactive museum. This musem is made for showing students and IAB's guests history of IAB development.

In this museum there are two zones: external and internal. In internal zone there is a videohall, where are presented different short videos about IAB , which will tell guests IAB' history and most bright moments.

On the left side of internal zone there is a stand with IAB's awards that it has got during 25 years of it's existence.

In external zone there is an interactive panel on which everyone can just choose one exhibit and watch it in details.

I also would like to add, that there is no more museums in Almaty's universities, so IAB is the first in this theme. Using different technologies IAB becomes better and more developed.

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