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Oscar ceremony in iAB

08/06/2014 15:35:31

Oscar ceremony in iAB

Everybody knows about Oscar ceremony in movie industry which was organized for choosing the best movies,actors in the end of the year. Well, in our university in the end of the academic year we have something like Oscar ceremony. Our academy awards students that were the brightest and the best during the whole year and they get prizes like discounts for studying. This ceremony is called "Altyn Tamga",but this year we've got also something new. In addition to "Altyn Tamga" our academy organized "The Oscars IAB".

So,after all exams in our academy we had a chance to see a great event and to find out who was the best. Here is the list of nominations:

1. "The best student of the year". This student had to be not only good in student's life but also he had to be good in studying and have good GPA.

2. "Opening of the year".Only 1st course student could get this award. Also for good results in studying and in taking part in IAB's life.

3. "Manager of the year".As you know, each group has its own headman and the best of them gets this award.

4. "Project of the year"

5. " Sportsman of the year"

6. "The best activist of the year"

7. "Creative student of the year"

8. "Researcher of the year"

9." Group of the year"

10. " Students' club of the year" 

I would like to add that such ceremonies give us strong motivation to try our strength and to try to be the best. Thank you, IAB!

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