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First name: Dilyara
Last name: Jakipova


27/04/2014 14:17:49


On the 20th of April in Almaty was organized third charitable marathon " Courage to be the first". This marathon is organized for supporting different charitable projects in Kazakhstan, because all money that organizers get from it , they give it to charity. Also, very important that this event shows the whole city how important in our life to be healthy and prefer healthy way of life.

There were 5 distances : 42 km 195 m, 21 km, 10 km, 3 km and ekiden. The winners of of this marathon get some useful prizes and winners of the longest distance ( 42 km 195 m) get a permit to Amsterdam's marathon.

IAB took part in this marathone too. Teachers, students, employees of IAB had run for different distances. In total there were 36 people from IAB, 14 of them were students. 

Another IAB's students woke up early and went on some places,which were on the road of running, to support everyone in marathone, especially IAB's people. Everyone could see our students in IAB's t-shirts, screaming and clapping. Our fans were the best and the brightest.

Sport is our life, never forget about it!

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