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Youth to business

24/05/2014 17:22:07

Youth to business

Last week I had a great chance to go to the meeting organized by AIESEC. The name of this forum was "Youth to Business". This forum was in Turan university and many students had an opportunity to come there. The main idea of this forum was is to give young people, students more knowledge about business, about entrepreneurship and about developing business in Kazakhstan.

The forum was totally in english ,so each of us could see his english knowledge's level. We listened to different stories told by absolutely different people. AIESEC's participants, Turkish council, Kazakhstan's Microsoft worker, Scottish businessman. All of them had different stories about reaching succes in their business, but there was one thing which was the same for all. It is their motivation. After listening to their stories, I understood, that they would never have reached such success without strong motivation and hard work.

Later, after their speech, students could choose which one of them they want to talk to. And all students went to different rooms for talking with that people in groups. And during that meeting students needed to separate for groups and make their own strategy for reaching success. For example, we went to scottish businessman and he separated us for groups and gave each of group one product. Each group had to make an excellent advertising strategy to make people want to buy their product. That's very interesting and useful I think.

The end of the forum was bright and unforgettable. Thanks AIESEC for this forum. 

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