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First name: Dilyara
Last name: Jakipova

New name for IAB

05/07/2014 10:16:45

New name for IAB

At the 17th of June our lovely academy has got new status. We are not an academy anymore, now we are university. At the same day was presented new name - Almaty Management University (ALMU).

The purpose of changing our name was explained too. We took away word "international" because our university is already international,it is obviously. Also, looking toward famous universities' histories we can see that they all have connection with their native place in their names, For example: Cambridge university, Oxford university and etc. Adding our city's name to our university's name we can show people where we are from without different questions and explanations. Showing our university we will also show our city and present it to other countries and universities. Also, new name is very suitable now ,because Almaty is going to become financial and trade capital. And soon, I am sure,the whole world will know about Almaty. 

Adding something from myself, I would like to say that I am very proud of my university. Now we've got a higher level of education and I'm sure that we will prove that we are the best.

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