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Meet professor whose lectures are unforgettable!

01/08/2012 13:54:15

Meet professor whose lectures are unforgettable!

Hello Live From Campus community. Hope you are enjoying summer, and me, Jovana, decided to introduce you this month with a professor whose classes are unforgettable. Ta Ta Ta Ta... her name is Professor Dr Nadya Zhexembayeva.

About her background:

Nadya is professor at the IEDC Bled school of management -  Coca Cola Chair of Sustainable Development, where she teaches about leadership, sustainability and many other courses. She is co-author of a book "Embedded sustainability - the next big competitive advantage" (I recommend it for reading, because  you will enjoy in so many interesting examples, how simply can sustainability be embedded into everything we do). She is also a Vice President of global youth competition on innovation and sustainability called "Challenge Future".
More about her professional background you can read here.

I met her through Challenge:Future platform  when was invited, together with C:F friends from around the world, to attend skype workshop called "Learning & Change: Fact, Fiction & some in between" by dr. Nadya Zhexembayeva"  I enjoyed the workshop, and since then has passed a year and a half, but I still remember  that lecture.  She always tries to give lot of interesting examples into lectures  and that is, I believe,  why we all love her.

During summer school  Discover management program  that I attended, (where were people from many countries and from many different fields, students and recent graduates from: business and economics, journalism, IT, psychology, young teachers, dentist, there were also professional athlete.. but more about this in some of the next posts)  I can say  that her unforgettable lectures have been continued, and again with an interesting approach, she taught us Elevator's pitch, some tips about meeting with the investors, and many other things.

Not only that she is a great professor, but also she is always there as a friend, when we need a help or advice, or a contact for the project on which we are working.

To end up this post, I asked few summer school participants for a short statement about Nadya and workshop that we had during DMP with her. Would like to thank them for cooperation, and let's see what they said. smiley

  Philipp Albrecht, Germany

        1. to the point

        2. Know your role, and the other´s roles

        3. Stop flattering!


   Nika Torej, Slovenia

         "The workshop with Nadya was more than fantastic. As a teacher I can say that the class was very well prepared for all types of students (we were watching, listening, writing, talking) what gave success to the class. I think Nadya's personality has to do much with it. She is the best."


      Alex Krasko, Belarus

       "The presentation workshop was very useful in terms of practical application of knowledge. It showed that there is a big difference between knowing how to do something and actually doing it."


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