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Global Village Event

06/08/2012 16:20:37

Global Village Event

As this is international school, no matter which program you choose to attend,  there will be "Global village" event, where all participants will present something about their countries.

(usually presented are: food and drink, dance, facts about the culture, or even traditional clothes) 











This event is always full of fun and great energy, so you will definitely enjoy it.

Task is not only to say something about your country as a touristic attraction, but also to say something about it as an attraction for the foreign investors, because in audience will be people from many different countries, who knows maybe future investors.
After official part of presenting countries comes sweet part, when we all try food and drink, or ask about the postcards.. By the way, all events  that are organized at IEDC are organized in order to participants build stronger network among themselves. At the end, it is all about connecting.

At the Global village event you also have opportunity to learn something new and, who knows, maybe to discover some new destination for your next vacation. smiley

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